December 16, 2010

A New Horse at the Farm!

You may remember just about one year ago when I blogged about losing Martyn, one of my beautiful Friesian horses.  Last March, I also blogged about revisiting Witteveen Friesians in Ontario with Betsy, my stable manager.  Harry Witteveen is the horse breeder who raised my beautiful horses and we were interested in seeing if he had a horse that would be a good fit to possibly add to my stable.  The following autumn, Betsy also travelled to Vermont to see the horses at Friesians of Majesty, another breeder of these majestic creatures.  She was also told of a Friesian that might be available at Cogi Farm, located in the compelling stable community of Pawling, New York.  Betsy rather liked what she found there.  Sasa is the same age as my horses.  He has been well-trained as a trail horse, but he is also a very capable carriage horse and is good at dressage.  Come and meet him!