January 28, 2011

The Winter That Won't Quit!

UPDATE: My Frenchies get stuck in the snow, have a look at today's Daily Wag! Vist them on their blog  for more exciting adventures.

As Martha wrote about on her blog today, we were hit hard with another snowstorm.  We Frenchies wanted to go outside and explore, so we donned our beautiful new white snow parkas.  Of course, we had no idea how deep the snow was and things got a little dicey.

I know I just posted a blog on Monday, with numerous photos of my farm after a recent snowstorm, and here I go again!  This has become a winter that will be hard to forget.  No sooner do we dig ourselves out from one storm, another one arrives.  Snow removal has become a big problem all over.  There is just no more room to pile it up!  Anyway, I hope this will be my last snowstorm blog from the farm this year, but you never know.  It’s still only January!