January 27, 2011

Honoring Our Ten-Year-Plus Employees

You may recall about one year ago when I blogged about a celebration that we, at Martha Stewart Living, threw for our ten-year-plus employees.  This is one event that I especially enjoy.  It is truly gratifying that so many extraordinarily talented people have started and grown their careers at my company.  Of course, we welcome new young talent on a regular basis and sincerely hope, that once they become established, they too, will choose to stay at the company for a long time.  Here are the facts:  This year there were nineteen employees who met their ten-year mark and were warmly welcomed into this distinguished group bringing the total number to eighty having ten-plus years of service!  This year’s party was, once again, held at Co. (Company), Jim Lahey’s (Sullivan Street Bakery) pizza restaurant located in the heart of the Chelsea section of Manhattan.  It’s a great place for a celebration with delicious and great food!