January 26, 2011

Thinking Pink at Skylands

I recently blogged about my laundry room and about my kitchen at Skylands, my home on Mt. Desert Island in Maine.  Those two blogs, as all blogs about Skylands, were very well received and I thought I would continue with a little peek into the guesthouse.  You may recall a story called “Thinking Pink,” which appeared several years ago in Martha Stewart Living Magazine, showcasing the redo of the cottage.  Like the main house at Skylands, the guest cottage was built in 1925 by Duncan Candler in the Georgian style.  It has just four rooms, but each one is large and airy, with big windows, high ceilings, and terrific views.  Interestingly, you cannot drive to the guest cottage because there is no road.  Instead you walk along a path that meanders through the mossy woods.  It’s a real hide-away, offering guests the ultimate privacy.

This cottage, with its classic moldings, has a really lovely interior and I realized that it was the perfect place to create a color scheme that I always wanted to try.  I decided that the whole interior would be painted a dreamy pastel shade of pink – a soft, happy, glowing pink.