February 23, 2011

My Thriving Citrus Collection

I am very fortunate to be able to grow citrus plants here in the frigid Northeast.  During the freezing months of winter, my potted citrus trees thrive in one of my greenhouses and this year, with proper feeding and watering, they have been extremely productive.  Last week, Gary Nardilla, my longtime Director of Photography for my field pieces, came to Bedford for a television shoot about my citrus, which airs today on Hallmark Channel.  Although my little collection is miniscule compared to the first orangery I ever visited at the Château de Versailles in France.  King Louis XIV, who found the aroma of citrus blossoms to be intoxicating, had an enormous heated glass structure erected to house more than 3,000 trees!  However, my citrus is in full flower and some in full fruit right now and I can only tell you how satisfying it is to grow and pick your very own.  You, too, can have success if you have a sunny windowsill or a bright and sunny room.  Most of my collection came from my friends Byron Martin and Laurelynn Martin, owners of the amazing Logee’s Tropical Plants, in Danielson, CT.  They have an extraordinary collection to choose from.

[albumid2 id=BehindTheScenesCitrusHouseShoot]

Photos By Martha Stewart @marthastewart and Eliad Laskin @joemartha