March 15, 2011

The Crazy Weather Persists!

Let me preface this by expressing my deepest concern for the horrors happening in Japan.  I have visited that island nation several times and have very dear friends who live there.  As I’ve been stating on this blog, we’ve had continuously crazy weather here in the northeast.  All winter long, it was one snowstorm after another.  And last week, we had torrential rain, which melted much of the snow.  The rainfall, combined with the snowmelt, caused widespread flooding and much heartbreak and my heart goes out to those who suffered property loss.  I feel very fortunate that the most damage we had at the farm was some rather substantial erosion of the carriage roads, which will require expert repair.  Here’s a little report about that and some other things happening at the farm.

[albumid2 id=MoreEarlySpring2011]

Photos By Martha Stewart @marthastewart and Eliad Laskin @joemartha