May 16, 2011

Take Our Kids to Work Day at MSLO

Thursday, April 28th, was Take Our Kids to Work Day, an educational program in the United States where parents are encouraged to bring their children to work.  This program was started in 1993 by feminist and activist, Gloria Steinem and the MS Foundation for Women.  In 2003, boys were also included.  We, at MSLO, had a really fun day planned and I was quite pleased to see that 56 children attended, ranging in age from six to twelve.  The kids were divided into four groups named after my pets, Francesca, Sharkey, Genghis Kahn, and Vivaldi.  The groups traveled between various activities including, bookmaking, orchid planting, an Everyday Food lesson, yoga, and tours of the offices and studios.  This year’s event was especially meaningful to me, since I now have a granddaughter and, I think that next year, baby Jude will have to attend.

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