May 17, 2011

My Reforestation Project

As you know from reading this blog, I love planting trees and I have plenty of space to do so.  I was quite saddened last summer when a freak twister blew through the farm, causing extensive tree damage.  My crew is still cleaning up that mess, as many, many trees were broken or fell down.  When I first bought my farm, I always wanted to do a reforestation project so that there will be plenty of young trees to replace the old ones when their lives end.  Recently, on my television show, I mentioned this idea and I was so thrilled when Musser Forests, Inc. offered to help.  Musser Forests is located In Indiana, Pennsylvania and produces more than 35 million conifer and hardwood seedlings and transplants each year!  Working with my staff, Musser came up with a list of nine varieties of trees that would suit our needs for both riparian, or wetland, and the dryer upper woodland areas.  Shaun Kass, my gardener, took photos of planting day and I invite you to view them.  These amazing pictures were taken with his new iPhone 4, which he finds really handy and easy to use while working in the field.

[albumid2 id=MusserFarmsSaplingPlantings]