August 31, 2011

A Guest Blog From France Offered by Jill Boulet-Gercourt

I have another wonderful guest blog to present to you.  Jill Boulet-Gercourt, VP of TV Marketing and Promotion, traveled to beautiful France with her family over the summer.  Thanks for sharing these great photos from your trip, Jill!

In July, I went with my French husband and our two kids to France, first for a family reunion in the Loire Valley, celebrating my in-laws 90th Birthdays.  They have six sons and twenty grandchildren, and all were hungry!  Then, we went to the Luberon, one of the most beautiful parts of Provence, in the South, where we found tiny villages on hilltops, spectacular views, old abbeys, and very friendly people.  Most unforgettable were the vivid colors and the scents, from the lavender in the fields to the fabulous cuisine.

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