August 26, 2011

Croquet & Cocktails on our Rooftop

MSLO employees are a hardworking bunch but, from time to time, they are up for some friendly competition.  Tapping into that spirit, we decided to theme our end-of-summer employee bash as a ‘Cocktail & Croquet’ party.  Parties To Go built us an artificial turf court to resemble a croquet court, and to lend some authenticity, Tim Rapuano and Cody Aichele, from the New York Croquet Club, came out to explain a wicket from a stake and how to correctly use your mallet to rocquet away your opponent’s ball.  And since there’s more than one way to play any game these days, we set up Wii™ Croquet games on big screen TVs for guests to play.  Competitors and spectators alike, sipped on delicious cocktails, generously provided by Hendrick’s Gin, and enjoyed tea sandwiches from Fatty Crab.

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