August 25, 2011

Hunting for the First Chanterelles of the Season in Maine

During my last trip to Skylands, my home in Maine, I realized that there has been considerable rainfall this summer.  That, combined with very cool nights, usually means that wild mushrooms are sprouting in the woods.  I rallied my guests and we went hiking on the foot trail around nearby Little Long Pond in Acadia and also around the perimeter of my own property.  My hunch about mushrooms was correct, for there were many to be found.  However, I was really searching for one mushroom in particular – the chanterelle, prized by chefs for it’s wonderful aromatic flavor and its lovely meaty texture.  I found chanterelles growing last summer while hiking in these same woods and I was hoping that my luck would find them again.  Chef Pierre would be so happy!

[albumid2 id=HuntingForTheFirstChanterelles]