August 23, 2011

Getting a Good Scratch With Scratch n All!

Who doesn’t like a good scratch from time to time?  If you have pets, as I do, I’m sure you’re aware that most animals spend a great deal of time self-grooming and figuring out ways to scratch themselves.  My miniature donkeys, Clive, Rufus, and Billie scratch all the time by rolling on their backs and rubbing against rigid surfaces.  In fact, the corners of their paddock shelter were getting worn away by all of their frequent rubbing and scratching.  I talked to Betsy, my stable manager, about this and she agreed to keep her eyes and ears open for a solution.

Last November, Betsy attended The Equine Affaire in Massachusetts and came across a product called Scratch n All, invented by Cynthia Garry.  These nubby pads are designed to be used in stables, barns, kennels, zoos, and in homes.  They can be used separately or interlocked, creating surfaces in any size or shape.  Plus, they can bend around corners!  A perfect solution for the problem with the donkey shelter.

[albumid2 id=ScratchNAll]