January 25, 2012

Saving Money Around the Home

Recently, on my television show, our friend, Jim Cramer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money, paid a visit and shared some money-management and investing tips for 2012.  After listening to his smart ways for managing money, I shared with Jim, a clever way to make an affordable, personalized coffee mug.  Hosanna Houser, from our TV Craft Department, came up with this idea of applying decorative stenciling to a paper cup lookalike called “I Am Not a Paper Cup” ceramic thermal mug, a TV giveaway from Décor Craft.  I really like these ceramic mugs with their silicone drinking lids and I asked the TV crafters to personalize mugs for my Bedford farm crew, thinking that this is a perfect way to cut down on use of disposable paper cups.  I then started to think about other easy and common sense ways of saving.  No one likes to throw money away, but so many of us do on a daily basis by not being cost and energy efficient.  I’d love to hear about the simple ways that all of you save.

[albumid2 id=CeramicMugsForBedfordStaff]