March 19, 2012

A Tour of the Succulents in my Greenhouse

If you like growing plants, but don’t really have the time to care for them properly, perhaps you should consider growing succulents.  Succulents require very little maintenance.  These plants are able to survive prolonged drought because they store moisture in their fleshy stems, roots, or leaves.    Some succulents have spikes on the edges and tips of their leaves, which act as a defense against predators.  Succulents can be found in many climates, and offer a great diversity of exotic forms.  Some look like smooth stones and others, perfect rosettes.  Some resemble strings of beads, and others are more architectural in nature.  Succulents make excellent potted plants.  Just give them plenty of bright light and very little water.  Enjoy this little tour of some of the succulents in my greenhouse.

[albumid2 id=Succulents]