March 26, 2012

Lending Support to Apple Trees

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that on my farm, there are some rather old apple trees, which I simply love. Two, in particular, are in clear view from the terrace of my house, and I have photographed these craggy specimens many, many times.  I like to think that Mrs. Sharp, who owned the farm before I did, enjoyed the crisp juicy apples that these trees bear as much as I do.  I asked my arborist, Ralph Robbins from SavATree, if he could determine the age of the trees.  Based on their size and how long Mrs. Sharp lived there, he guessed that they’re about sixty-years old, which is quite old for a fruit tree!  A couple of weeks ago, the trees underwent their winter pruning and it was discovered that a couple of large limbs had some pretty bad breaks.  Rather than cutting them off, the limbs were propped up with supports and we will hope for the best.

[albumid2 id=ProppingUpAppleTreeLimbs]