April 9, 2012

Spring Redecorating at the Farm

Not along ago, I discovered that the carpeting in my home had been installed improperly.  The installation was done when I was away traveling.  Not long ago, I was trying to rotate one of the rugs when I found out that it had adhered to the beautiful fir flooring beneath.  No padding had been used by the previous installer!  I soon decided to get all new carpeting and redecorate for spring.  What is shown in this blog is the clearing of the rooms and the installation of the new carpet using what is called custom wood margin carpet installation.  This “fitted” type of installation takes a little bit longer, but looks very, very nice.  Even curves and floor registers can be figured into the installation cleverly and nicely.  A big thank you to New York Carpet in Westport, CT for a terrific job.  And, we have wonderful rug offerings at the Home Depot in many new colors and textures at great prices.  Look in your local store.

[albumid2 id=SpringRedecoratingAtTheFarmInBedfordInstallingNewCarpetStepOne]