April 16, 2012

Sienna Tedesco's Guest Blog From Costa Rica

My trainer, Mary Tedesco and her family, just returned from a fabulous vacation in Costa Rica and we thought it would be fun to share their photos on my blog.  Sienna, who is fourteen, did a fine job captioning the photos and writing the text.  Please enjoy!

For my spring break, my family went to Costa Rica.  We stayed at a little oasis of a resort called Punta Islita.  During my one week of visiting there, I met lots of new and exciting people, and made some memories that will last for a lifetime! I will never forget how kind and courteous, not only the faculty was, but everyone from the area.  Punta Islita is on a 1200-acre mango plantation and is isolated between a range of mountains and hills and the ocean.  The Resort is Eco-friendly.  For example, they make compost from the resort’s organic trash, they ask everyone to please turn off lights and air-conditioning when not in their rooms, and in many other considerate ways.  I appreciated every moment I was there because while getting a good, relaxing, mental break, I was also being kind to our earth while in the process.  I will never forget this trip, and I hope to return someday.

[albumid2 id=TedescoFamilyTripToCostaRica]