May 4, 2012

Finding Your Roots This Sunday Night on PBS

Last January, I had the honor of taping a segment for the fascinating PBS program called Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., which will be airing this Sunday evening.  Being fascinated with genealogy myself, I already knew a great deal about my ancestors and I was very curious with what Professor Gates could add to that knowledge.  Gates and his production team work closely with leading U.S. genealogists and ancestry experts from around the world, discovering family stories and unknown histories and relatives that the guests of this show never knew existed.  The Professor found it fascinating that many of my ancestors were domestic workers and craftsmen, such as ornamental ironworkers, basket makers, seamstresses, and farmers.  Others were entrepreneurs, running a butcher shop, a delicatessen, and even a saloon.  It’s clear to see that my genealogy has really formed who I am today.  I hope you can tune into Finding Your Roots this Sunday at 8PM.  Check your local listings.

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