May 3, 2012

Susan Magrino's 20th Anniversary Celebration and the High Line Spring Benefit

I have been going nonstop lately bouncing from one event to the next.  On Tuesday, after sitting through meeting after meeting at my offices in New York City, my evening began at the restaurant Alison Eighteen, where my publicist, Susan Magrino, was celebrating her 20th anniversary of her company, the Susan Magrino Agency.  Susan and her hard-working team manage a very impressive list of clients and I certainly appreciate all that they’ve done for me over the years.  I then dashed to Hudson River Park’s Pier 57 for the 2012 High Line Spring Benefit.  The High Line is an elevated public promenade, built upon an historic freight rail line on Manhattan’s West Side.  This park is a fabulous place to escape and it offers unusual views of the area.  My grandchildren, Jude and Truman, enjoy strolling along it every day.

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