May 31, 2012

Grooming my Friesian Horses

Anyone who owns a horse should know that daily grooming is a very important part of horse care.  Regular and proper grooming reveals a lot about the animal and helps to be certain that the horse’s skin and coat is healthy.  Owning five beautiful Friesian horses, this daily grooming takes a good deal of time.  Betsy Perreten, my stable manager, speeds the process up by using an equine vacuum, rather than a dandy brush, to remove dirt, hair, and other detritus from the horses’ coats.  This vacuum is made by the Electric Cleaner Company and it does a fine job.  Recently, one of the motors on this well-used apparatus broke down and I had Betsy order a new vacuum and I thought it would be interesting to post a blog about what is involved with grooming a horse.

[albumid2 id=HorseVaccuum]