June 13, 2012

Planning the Boxwood Garden

There have been some exciting projects going on at the farm, including the installation of a new garden!  You may recall the building on the farm called the Summer House, where much of my library of books is kept.  Behind the Summer House, at the southwest corner of the property, is a large yard that is walled by a tall hedge of American boxwood.  I’ve had a vision, for several years now, to turn that yard into a spectacular enclosed garden with stone pathways, benches, and a faux bois gazebo.  Last March, I met again with Carmine Luppino, from Luppino Landscaping and Masonry, to discuss the details and finalize the plan.  Carmine and his talented crew are responsible for all the stonework at the farm and he always seems to know just what I’d like done.  Here are some photos from that visit.  To see a fascinating video about where Carmine finds much of his stone, click here.

[albumid2 id=StoneWalkwayPlanning]