July 19, 2012

A Lunch With our Summer Interns and my Favorite Recipe!

You may remember being introduced to our summer interns a few weeks ago on this blog.  I always enjoy having these college students join our company in the summer because they bring interesting, fresh perspectives to our work.  The internships span an eight-week period and we hire one or two per department.  We have a total of thirty-eight this summer.  I try to find time to get to meet the students and learn more about their studies and what they are working on here.  Last Wednesday, I had the pleasure of having lunch and hosting an informal Q&A with them.  Before we got started, I asked our interns to stand up and introduce themselves.  I often do this when I host dinner parties with a large group; it allows my friends sitting on opposite ends of the table to get acquainted right from the start.  The interns hail from universities from across the US:  Cornell, the University of Virginia, Brigham Young, and the Columbus School of Art and Design, just to name a few.  They had wonderful questions for me and were a fun bunch.  If you are interested in our internship program, click here.  We’ve already posted our fall internships.

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