August 6, 2012

Hiking Around Jordan Pond and Enjoying the Wildlife

While in Maine, I like to get up and out early to enjoy the tranquility of the trails of Acadia National Park.  On a recent morning, I walked around Jordan Pond, a trail I have been on many, many times and simply love.  Visitors to Acadia frequent the famous Jordan Pond House, the only full service restaurant in the park.  It has a magnificent view of Jordan Pond with the North and South Bubbles in the distance and there is a long-standing tradition of serving afternoon tea and popovers on the sprawling lawn.  The pond itself is about 150 feet deep and no swimming is allowed in it, however, canoes and kayaks are permitted.  The Jordan Pond Shore trail follows the water’s edge and is a 3.3-mile loop – a great start to the day!

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