September 19, 2012

Visiting the International Yacht Restoration School in Newport, Rhode Island

On yesterday’s blog, I mentioned that I spent last weekend in Newport, Rhode Island, visiting my good friends, Holly Bannister and Doug Newhouse.  It was an invigorating weekend of hiking, touring, and boating in and around that historic town.  On Saturday, we had the great pleasure of seeing an amazing school called the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS).  IYRS is an internationally known school, focused on preparing students to enter and excel in all aspects of modern boatbuilding.  IYRS is a highly technical and deeply craft-oriented establishment that offers the most advanced technical training in Boatbuilding & Restoration, Marine Systems, and Composites Technology.  The entire focus is on making and building boats and I have to say that I was totally impressed with everything I saw at IYRS.

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