December 21, 2012

My Holiday Brunch - Part Two

As promised, here is part two of my holiday brunch.  MSLO employee Philip Leaman took these photos and the attached video.  On yesterday’s blog, I showed you some of what was served on the buffet table.  In addition to the assorted smoked fish, hams, and fruit salads, Svetlana, a masseuse at Mario Badescu in New York City, offered to make her marvelous blintzes with farmer cheese filling and served with assorted home-made jams.  There was also buckwheat blini topped with smoked salmon and red and black caviar.  Pierre Schaedelin produced hot from the oven popovers and small cheese soufflés.  There were little fried eggs with shaved black truffle and also custardy sous-vide eggs served on brioche toasts with creamed spinach.  There were many assorted cookies and desserts and holiday candy, too.  It was quite a feast with very little food left over.

[albumid2 id=December20201202]