March 21, 2013

Learn About French Bulldog Village

Francesca and Sharkey, my two French bulldogs, came from Suzanne Readmond of Just Us Dogs, a wonderful breeder in Maryland.  Suzanne recently told me that she is the president of a small French bulldog rescue group called French Bulldog Village.  Just last weekend, they took in eleven neglected Frenchie girls, whose breeder could no longer care for them.  I asked Suzanne to tell us about the Village.

French Bulldog Village is a national group of volunteers who work to save and help Frenchies and Frenchie-mix dogs.  We are a 501-c and are incorporated in the state of Virginia.  We are not a shelter, thus, we have no one place where we keep our rescues.  However, we do our best to work rescue magic - taking in broken souls and making them whole.  We often succeed but sadly, we sometimes fail.  We place our dogs in loving foster homes with families that are knowledgeable about the breed.  The Frenchies are taught how to interact with their human families and with other pets.  They are taken on outings to help them get acquainted with the world.  Through the work of our foster families, these dogs learn to love and be the companions they were bred to be.  And yes, donations are needed and greatly appreciated.  If you'd like to donate, please click here.

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