April 16, 2013

A Guest Blog From Panama

Daphne Semet is our colleague and friend from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.  Daphne works with me at the Martha Stewart Center for Living and she wanted to share her experiences from a recent trip to Panama where she traveled for a family wedding.

My husband, Gardner Semet and I, along with our college age son, attended a family wedding in Panama.  We had a great time crossing the Panama Canal, which is an amazing engineering accomplishment, attending a religious family wedding, and buying artistic baskets made by the native Indians.   Part of my husband’s family left Spain during the Inquisition.  They first went to Curacao and then ended up in Panama.  The bride’s grandfather was a general in the Colombian army and then was the Colombian Ambassador to Israel.  The Jewish community in Central America is small and they all seemed to know each other!

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