April 8, 2013

Launching a Second TV Season - A Breakfast With KitchenAid

This week MSLO partnered with KitchenAid to host a group of press and food bloggers at our New York City offices for breakfast.  The reason was to celebrate the launch of the second season of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School and the first season of Martha Bakes on PBS.  Attendees were treated to a delicious breakfast prepared by my friend, Chef Pierre Schaedelin, of homemade popovers and buttermilk biscuits with jam that I made from my own berries, scrambled eggs from my chickens, crispy bacon, and fresh fruit salad. Guests also had a sneak peak of the upcoming season of Martha Bakes and Cooking School, and watched me demonstrate how to prepare those flaky buttermilk biscuits using KitchenAid’s KitchenAid®16-cup Pro Line® Series food processor.

Martha Stewart’s Cooking School and Martha Bakes premiere on PBS stations nationwide beginning April 6 (check local listings).   The programs are presented in association with WETA Washington, DC.  Jcpenney and KitchenAid will serve as sponsors, along with charitable partner, March of Dimes, for the second season of Martha Stewart’s Cooking School.  KitchenAid has signed on as the exclusive sponsor for the first season of Martha Bakes.  Also beginning April 6th, 13 original Martha Bakes Online Exclusive videos and 13 original Martha Stewart’s Cooking School Online Exclusive videos will begin rolling out.  The videos, presented by KitchenAid, feature even more delicious recipes and techniques for the home cook and home baker.

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