April 3, 2013

Some Repairing and Maintenance at the Farm

Recently, there were a couple of different crews at the farm repairing and maintaining.  When I bought my farm about thirteen years ago, I hired Alfredo LDC - The Landscape Specialists to build a long stone wall along the property line of Girdle Ridge Road and Maple Avenue.  Alfredo and his highly skilled crew constructed a handsome double dry wall from quarried stone.  It's really quite amazing, but with shifting ground, sections of the wall needed some repair.  On another recent day, my arborists,  SavATree, came with a crew to do some high pruning on various trees, including the stately allee of pin oak.  The pin oak is a fast-growing tree, and the allee has really benefited from the pruning.

[albumid2 id=FixingTheStoneWallAroundTheFarm]