June 24, 2013

I Love Shopping at Kalustyan's!

Summer break!  Enjoy this revisit.

Kalustyan’s, in Manhattan, is one of my favorite places to shop for unique spices and hard-to-find ingredients.  Perhaps you watched the segment we did about the store on my television show.   This landmark for fine, specialty foods sells more than 4,000 different products from all over the world.  Mr. K. Kalustyan, an Armenian immigrant, opened the market in 1944 and sold a selection of Middle Eastern and Indian spices.  In 1988, cousins Sayedul Alam and Aziz Osmani, purchased the store and after listening to their customer’s requests, including chefs and cookbook writers, they fervently began to expand their product selection.  And, if a new request comes in, they will try to accommodate.  Kalustyan’s also has an on-line store, so the next time you find yourself in need of pomegranate molassas, ghost peppers, or forbidden rice, Kalustyan’s can help!

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