September 13, 2013

Kate Lewis's Fourth Visit To The Santa Fe International Folk Art Market

Kate Lewis, a long-time MSLO employee, has another very interesting travel blog to share.

In July, I attended the 10th Annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (IFAM).  This was my 4th year going to the Market.  Besides enjoying a great girlfriend weekend and shopping for wonderful folk art, the real draw for me each year is to interact with the artists, listen to their individual stories and progress, and see how this Market has been a force for empowering artists.  The Santa Fe IFAM is the brainchild of Judy Espinar.  What started in 2003 over breakfast as a spirited conversation has exploded into a colorful two-day international festival.  Espinar’s passion for folk art is rooted in her experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Peru.  She saw remote parts of the country when the indigenous culture was still relatively untouched.  And she began to see how much work could be done to build economic wealth for local communities through enabling Peruvian artisans to reach markets.  Judy recently was a guest on Martha’s Sirius Radio show.  I would like you to meet some of the outstanding people who take leadership roles around the globe in the World of Folk Art.

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