December 30, 2013

Repotting Orchids in the Greenhouse

While I am away on vacation, please enjoy this revisit about repotting orchids.

As you may know, I have a rather large orchid collection, which is in the process of getting even larger.  Ryan McCallister, my gardener, has been very busy in the greenhouse lately, repotting nearly every plant.  During these bitterly cold days of winter, repotting can be a most satisfying task.  Growing orchids is daunting for many people, but things become a whole lot clearer if you understand some orchid basics.  In nature, most orchids are epiphytes, which means that they grow upon other objects, such as rocks and even trees.  Their roots need to breath and should never be packed tightly in a pot.  The roots are designed to soak up water rapidly and will never tolerate being buried in regular potting soil.  There are special pots and orchid mixes, designed specifically for these special roots.  Also, never repot a blooming orchid.  Wait for the flower spike to fade before giving the plant a new home.