January 15, 2014

A Visit To Cane Garden In St. Croix

While visiting St. Croix at Christmas time, I had the wonderful opportunity of touring Cane Garden, a private estate that was once a sugar plantation during the 19th century Danish ownership of St. Croix.  In the late eighteenth century, the McEvoys, a Scotch-Irish family acquired this parcel of land and became wealthy from the production of sugar cane.  It was fascinating to learn the history of this estate before and after a disastrous fire destroyed the Great House.  If you find yourself in St. Croix, there is another former plantation, called Estate Whim Museum, that is open to the public, and interestingly, it too, was owned by the rich McEvoy family.  Whim is a popular destination for tourists and visits to it are giving a needed boost to the Island's economy.