January 28, 2014

Our Urban Cultivator Adventure Begins!

Last week Tarren Wolfe, of Urban Cultivator in Vancouver and Marco Tallarico, of Appliance Love in Toronto paid a visit to our New York City offices.  The two men traveled all the way from Canada to show us how to set up and begin using our new Urban Cultivator unit.  This amazing Cultivator will allow us to grow our own fresh and nutritious herbs and micro green 365 days per year!  Jennifer Aaronson, our Editorial Food Director and Greg Lofts, our Senior Associate Food Editor, are thrilled to begin using these delicious ultra-local greens in our recipes.  There is no need for the use of pesticides or chemicals of any kind.  We’ll be growing only the highest quality plants.  To get started, we decided to plant arugula, broccoli, radish, komatsuna, cilantro, kale, and peas.  The seeds were sown according to directions and the seed trays were placed in the Cultivator.  Now we just have to watch and wait patiently!

[albumid2 id=UrbanCultivator]