April 2, 2014

A Winter Of Potholes!

After being bombarded by snowstorms this winter, it seems that everyone is complaining about the many potholes on the roadways.  Thousands of tires have been flattened, and rims and suspensions have been damaged.  Cars have even fallen into crater-sized potholes!  Potholes are formed when precipitation seeps into the pavement causing it to expand and contract, and ultimately crack with each freezing and thawing.  Road salt adds to that freeze-and-thaw issue and snow plows scrape and damage the surface of the pavement.  Heavy traffic causes further damage to the roadways and potholes form and grow in size.  Road crews cannot work fast enough to repair these holes and one must take great care when driving.  Although minor in comparison, my farm has pothole issues, as well and my crew has been busy with repairs.

[albumid2 id=FillingPotholesAroundTheFarm]