April 1, 2014

The Intentional Burn Of My Neighbor's House

Last week I blogged about my neighbors, Robert and Lynn Siegel, and how they donated their old house to the Katonah Fire Department (KFD) for use in valuable search and rescue training, and in live burn training.  I explained that after building a new home, the town required the removal of the old.  After exploring many options, the Siegels donated as much of the structure as possible to A-Home, a local charity committed to providing affordable housing to seniors and disabled individuals.  Rather than tearing down the remaining structure, the KFD and neighboring fire departments were generously given the rare opportunity of honing their skills in a realistic setting.  After practicing with the house during the month of March, last Saturday, the structure met its fate and was burned to the ground by the ever-grateful fire departments.  Once again, my driver, Carlos, captured the event in photos.

By the way, as you can see, a fire is a very scary situation and early detection is so important.  Be sure you have working smoke detectors.  Also make certain that your home is well-marked so that officials can find it easily, if needed.

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