May 21, 2014

A Wonderful Lunch At Patsy Pollack's Weekend Retreat

This past Saturday, a group of us made the annual trek to Sharon, Connecticut, located in the picturesque Northwest Hills of that state, to attend Trade Secrets, the rare plant and garden antique sale.  This event draws in really great gardeners and offers up the most amazing and unusual varieties of plants, objects, and accessories for the garden and home.  The funds from Trade Secrets help support the Women’s Support Services in that area, which offers free and confidential services to victims of domestic violence.  Unfortunately, I cannot show you any photos because we photographed the event for an upcoming magazine story.  Stay tuned for that.  After Trade Secrets, Patsy Pollack, our Senior EVP of Merchandising, invited us to a delicious luncheon at her weekend cottage in New York State, where she enjoys gardening and tranquility.

[albumid2 id=BlogLunchAtPatsyPollacksHouse]