May 22, 2014

Raising Funds For Hudson River Park

My offices in the historic Starrett Lehigh building in New York City, overlook the mighty Hudson River and the beautiful Hudson River Park.  As a neighbor of the park, I see first-hand the rich diversity of activities the park has to offer.  I enjoy walking through the park and visiting the park’s playgrounds with my grandchildren.  Many of my employees use the bike paths to commute to work.  It’s also a great place to enjoy a picnic lunch on pleasant days.  I think Hudson River Park is so special that I even joined the board of the Friends of the Hudson River Park to help keep this wonderful space available to the public.

The Friends were looking for a unique way to raise some funds and to highlight all of the ways you can use the park.  They asked board members and supporters to auction off some time - sharing in their favorite activities.  I’m offering a two-hour walk, exploring the park and what is growing there.  These items are available to bid on until Thursday afternoon.  Please visit charitybuzz now to bid!

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