June 6, 2014

A Recent Garden Tour At My Farm

Recently, a lovely group of women from the Bedford Garden Club in Bedford, New York, came to my farm for a garden tour.  Unfortunately, because of work, I was not able to be there.  Instead, my gardener, Ryan McCallister, conducted the tour and began by reading a greeting that I prepared that morning.  Here it is:

Dear Bedford Garden Club members, I do wish I could have stayed home today to guide you through the work in progress that we call Cantitoe Farm.  After twelve years, the farm is looking a lot better than it did when I purchased it from the estate of legendary Ruth Sharpe.  Ruth was an avid grower and farmer, but in her nineties, she had let the farm, woodland, and buildings fall into disrepair.  I had a big job rebuilding and restoring and replanting the 150 acres we now consider home.  There is still much more to do.  Mother nature has been a bit cruel the last few years – ice storms in October destroyed 300 trees and many shrubs.  A vicious tornado took two hundred more trees and blew out every computer, phone, and piece of electronic equipment on the farm.  And, Hurricane Sandy felled a few hundred more trees, broke many others, etc., etc.  This bitter winter with its very prolonged cold took its toll on azaleas, flowering trees, and my collection of tree peonies.  Even the hardy boxwood suffered a bit, but they are recovering.  But the basic plan for the place remains intact and we will continue to plant and nurture everything despite delays and bouts of inclemency.  Enjoy your tour.  You are in the good hands of Ryan McCallister.  Ask questions.  We made you cookies and tea, too, so please sample the goodies.

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