July 31, 2014

I Hosted A Party For Dom Pérignon - Part One

Recently, I hosted a party for Dom Pérignon, as they were launching a stellar new 1998 vintage, P2. The champagne, aged for 16 years in the Dom Pérignon cellars and having qualities similar to a White Burgundy, was first revealed globally in Iceland.  P2-1998 signifies the Second Plénitude, or the second evolutionary stage of transformation, which requires a minimum of 12 years of aging.  I have long been a Dom Pérignon enthusiast and remember fondly my visit to their Champagne house.   So, I was especially honored when they asked me to host their US launch of P2 – Vintage 1998, as I was eager to share this very special champagne with friends and neighbors.  With the recent garden renovation at Lily Pond, my home in East Hampton, it was the perfect time for a summer party. Many, many hours went into the planning of the evening, and I wanted to share a series of blogs that show both the behind-the-scenes hard work, and the glamorous party it produced.  Dom Pérignon reached out to Leo Kuelbs Collection, with whom they’ve collaborated in the past, to create a special 3-D video mapping experience about P2-1998. Together with Production Designer John Ensor Parker, Leo curated the installation with the help of artists Glowing Bulbs and sound from Studio H.  Thanks also to Freedome for the dome; Integrated Visions Productions, LLC, for audio and visual support; and Sagafilm Iceland for additional footage.  Please scroll down to watch a time-lapse video and watch my visit to Dom Pérignon by clicking here.

[albumid2 id=DomPerignonPartyDomeSetup]