August 27, 2014

A Lesson in Trimming Donkey Hooves

It is such a joy to own 3 very cute and happy Sicilian donkeys. As with the ownership of any animal, one must be aware of any special needs that are specific to the animal.  In the case of donkeys, one such concern is the proper monitoring and maintenance of their hooves. Hooves, like human finger and toe nails are constantly growing. However, in the case of donkeys, their hooves support the entire weight of the body. If left unmaintained, they will get too long, creating an uneven stride. Hooves can also crack and cause severe soreness and even lameness! It is therefore vital that they are regularly and properly maintained.

Hooves should be trimmed approximately every 6 to 8 weeks. Betsy Perreten, my stable manager and I, saw that it was time for a trimming, so we called in the farrier, Linda Friedman. How did the session go? View the photo gallery below where my precious Clive's session is featured!  Don’t forget to leave a comment!

[albumid2 id=TrimmingTheDonkeyHooves]