August 11, 2014

My Japanese Maple Grove - Dedicated To The Memory Of My Late Sister, Laura Plimpton

I recently paid a visit to one of my favorite nurseries, located in Cutchouge NY. I was looking for some new and interesting plants for my home in East Hampton.  While browsing their inventory, I discovered a spectacular variety of Japanese maple trees.  I thought about the extensive damage that hurricane Sandy did to my Japanese maple grove in late 2012, and decided to purchase some of these beautiful trees to fill in the gaps and add some color.  My late sister, Laura Plimpton, was especially fond of Japanese maple trees, so when I asked her to do a blog about the planting of the new trees, she was delighted to take on the project.  As it turns out, it was her final blogging project for me, as she passed away early last week. I am dedicating the Japanese maple grove to her and naming it "The Laura Plimpton Japanese Maple Grove".

[albumid2 id=NewJapaneseMaples]