October 20, 2014

A New Restaurant in Town!

Dear Readers,

I love supporting my local community in Bedford and the surrounding towns. I think it is so important that everyone does this wherever they live!

A new restaurant has just opened in Mount Kisco, not far from my farm. It’s called Winston and it’s named after a beloved rescue dog, a six-year-old American pit bull terrier, adopted by the restaurant’s executive chef Michael Williams. I love the idea of naming a restaurant for a beloved dog!

Michael was formerly the chef of a local restaurant called The Perennial Chef and spent ten years working in some of New York City’s best restaurants including Oceana, Mirezi, DB Bistro, and Park Avenue Café.

Winston is owned by my friends Jim and Leslie Atwood and it's a beautiful new addition to the local community.

Enjoy the photos.


[albumid2 id=WinstonSRestaurant]