October 14, 2014

A Visit to the LEO Zoological Conservation Center!

Dear Readers,

I took a trip to the most amazing wildlife conservation center – and if you can believe – it was in Greenwich, Connecticut, less than half an hour from my farm.

Founded five years ago by conservationist, Marcella Leone, LEO Zoological Conservation Center is a nonprofit, accredited breeding reserve for rare and endangered animals.

LEO's mission is to save the animals of today for the people of tomorrow and that’s what they’re doing - through captive breeding programs for zoological populations, captive bred for wild release programs, conservation based research, youth education programs, and educational safari tours.

On my visit, I got to meet three of the eight cheetah who were born at LEO last month!

Check out the photos to learn more about this rare litter and to meet many of LEO's gorgeous creatures!

And congratulations to Marcella for her astounding work saving some of the world’s rarest animals.


[albumid2 id=RLLEOZoologicalConservationCenter]