February 19, 2015

Big Snow in Maine

Despite the fact that it is very, very beautiful, snow-covered Mount Desert Island has been beleaguered this winter with an inordinate amount of snow. This makes transportation difficult, it makes home safety an issue, and it requires a lot of effort and muscle power just to get about. My crew in Maine has been shoveling, clearing and plowing for weeks—and shoveling some more.

Ice dams from the roofs and drain pipes have to be cleared to prevent leaks into the house, and roofs and terraces have to be cleared of heavy snow to prevent collapse and other problems. And heat has to be maintained in such cold to prevent broken pipes and interior flooding. Any of you with houses know the challenges, but despite them all, the snow makes everything look white and glistening and shiny and pure.

Enjoy these wonderful photos taken by Cheryl du Long.  Thanks, Cheryl.  Send more.

[albumid2 id="SnowInMaine"]