February 18, 2015

Canary Eggs Ready to Hatch!

I started raising canaries quite a few years ago, after I discovered how much joy and beautiful singing they offer to a home. It is not very easy caring for a large flock of birds—cages get dirty daily, food has to be fresh and clean, water fresh and replaced daily, etc., etc. But I would not give them up for the world! They add color and sound and beauty and friendship. And they do not have to be walked and exercised like dogs, and they do not have litter boxes like the kittens, and they do not have to be kept super warm like an iguana.

Companionship is perhaps the greatest attribute for singing birds like canaries. Think about getting some if you live alone, or if you know someone who does. Hours and hours of enjoyment are certainly worth the time it takes to care for them.  And you do not have to have 24, like I do, or breed them as I do.  Enjoy!!!

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