February 17, 2015

Valentine's Cookies

Every year, I try to make something homemade and meaningful to give to my male friends and colleagues for St. Valentine's Day. This year was a little difficult—I was so busy with work, getting home late, leaving early, that I really did not have time for an elaborate project. Nevertheless, I undertook the baking and decorating and packing of about 25 gifts of heart-shaped cookies.  They are still being given out today because I did run out of time, but a gift late is better than none at all, and the thought goes a long, long way.

Please enjoy the blog and bake some cookies! And a HINT: substitute dark brown sugar for  ½ of the granulated sugar in my classic sugar cookie recipe.

Sorry for the blog's absence the last few days. I have been so busy and looking for a helper to do the manual stuff that is required for a blog to be posted each and every day. So much to report!!!

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