February 24, 2015

The Great Reorganization: In Progress

This month of the arctic vortex, sub-zero temperatures, many feet of snow, and inability to work in the woods or gardens, encouraged me to set on a course of no return—that of a complete reorganization of many places on the farm that looked fine ostensibly, but upon closer examination, were very much in need of a reorg, a redo, a face-lift. There were/have been/are five major areas of interest: the winter house basement, the summer house library, the Maple Avenue basement, the stable garage loft and ground floor, and the greenhouse/headhouse.

I have assembled a bunch of photos of the before and the "in progress" to show you. These projects should make any of you feel good that even Martha Stewart can get into serious trouble with disorganization and messiness. Nothing was disgusting, or even very dirty, just 12 years of gradual disintegration of a once excellent organization plan into something resembling CHAOS!

Enjoy. As we do get things in order we will share photos and comments with you.

[albumid2 id="ReorganizingBefores"]