March 6, 2015

Garden Tour Preparations

If you’re in the northeast this week, I know what you’re saying, because I’m saying it too… enough winter already! We’ve had quite a bit of snow and below freezing temperatures for much of this season. Many of us are more than ready for spring, but Mother Nature isn’t just yet. We got another several inches of heavy, wet snow today and temperatures remain in the low 20s. I took a brief tour around the property, and while we aren’t seeing spring outside, I and my staff are inside planning for spring... with our preparations for this year’s garden tours, which I agree to host every now and then.

What also gave me hope and encouragement - seeing on the calendar that daylight saving time returns this weekend. So, remember to “spring forward” one hour before you go to bed Saturday night! If you are multi-lingual, like my grandchildren, here is a fun lesson… “spring forward” written in a variety of languages… which ones can you identify?
El resorte adelante, ileri bahar, ha'aviv kadima, gwanwyn ymlaen, musim semi maju, spring vooruit, primavera in avanti, spring framåt, mùa xuân phía trước, tavaszi előre, rebbiegħa quddiem, primavara înainte, spring phambili, jarní vpřed, spring hadapan, spring pasulong, spring maju, oldinga spring, el ressort endavant, proljeće naprijed, spring naprej, wiosna przodu, spring gancang, printemps en avant, frühling vorwärts, chūntiān qianjin, vesnoy vpered, agē vasanta…

Enjoy today's photos...

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