April 6, 2015

A Shetland Pony at the Farm

My stable is home to another equid - a handsome, sweet 10-year old Shetland pony named Harrison Ford.

Ford arrived at the farm last week from Massachusetts. I was interested in a second pony for my grandchildren and heard about Ford through my equine veterinarian, Dr. Elizabeth Kilgallon, and her colleague, Dr. Laura Faulkner. As it turned out, Dr. Faulkner had a pony she felt would work nicely as a children’s mount and as a new friend for my existing herd, and offered to let him stay at the farm for awhile.

Ford won everyone’s hearts instantly - even the Fell pony, Ban Chunch, was eager to say hello. Here are some photos of that first meeting with Ford - enjoy!

[albumid2 id="HarrisonFord"]